Is this a singles / dating thing?
No, it really is about socialising so everybody is welcome. Of course if you end up dating someone you meet at one of our dinners that’s great.

Can I turn up on my own?
Absolutely. Many people come on their own and others attend with a friend or partner. We will introduce you to others and hope you will find it a friendly environment.

Is it a fine dining thing?
No, although it is definitely about having a good dining experience. Fine dining restaurants would mean fine dining prices and typically smaller groups of people. For this venture our primary objective is to socialise and we therefore alternate between a few venues that accommodate our format well while at the same time providing excellent food and service.

How many people will be there?
We tend to have anywhere between 15 and 25. Our smallest group has been 14 and our largest 38 – which was for the film festival so exceptional. If we pick a rubbish date that results in fewer than 12 or so people booking we are likely to rearrange for another date (and fully refund you in the meantime) – we don’t want to waste your time and money if we don’t think you’ll get the kind of experience we had in mind.

How often will the dinners be?
We aim for about every six weeks and we generally skip both August and December. We publish each date by Email and on the Home page as it is confirmed. Most events are on a Saturday evening and we tend to do about two Sunday lunches a year. You can view our previous events here – the numbers in brackets are attendees.
2019 > January (lunch) [16], March (film festival) [24], July [20], September [26], October [18]
2018 > January (lunch) [17], March (film festival) [25], July (Pride) [24], September (lunch) [16], October [20], November [23]
2017 > January (lunch) [28], March (film festival) [34], April [25], June [21], July (Pride) [26], September (lunch) [15], October [24], November [24]
2016 > January (lunch) [26], March (film festival) [26], April [20] June (Pride) [23], September (lunch) [23], November [27]
2015 > January (lunch) [20], March (film festival) [38], May [30], and June (Pride) [25], September (lunch) [25], October [25], November [25].
2014 > February [18], March (film festival) [18], May [14], June (Pride) [25], September (lunch) [15], October [25], November [29]

What’s your target audience?
Any gay woman whose preferred way of meeting other women is in a relaxed setting over dinner. We tend to get a quite diverse group in terms of ages, interests, occupations etc. Everybody is welcome.

What’s the format?
We start off standing around with a drink and once everyone has arrived we take our seats for lunch or dinner. After the starter and again after the main course there is an opportunity to move to another table to talk to more people.

Can I sit with my friend(s)/partner?
Yes, there is no allocated seating either at the start of the evening or when people move around – it’s all very informal.

Do I have to move around?
No, it’s entirely up to you and in fact if everyone moves it doesn’t necessarily work! The idea is just that you get to chat to more than the couple of people you first sit next to.

What’s included in the Event Price?
The Event Price is the minimum price for the event and includes your Starter, Main Course, Dessert and a Welcome drink. The Welcome drink is usually your choice of either a glass of wine, a beer or a soft drink but the offer can vary. The Event Price also already includes 15% service and a £5 booking fee. If you make your booking without adding any extras this is the total price you will pay.

Some menus may have a supplementary charge for individual selections and this will be highlighted during the booking process. You can also pre-order additional drinks, which are fully refundable if you do not consume them on the night.

Why are the prices all such odd numbers?
We want you to see the price you will pay up front rather than adding charges at the checkout stage of the process. Therefore every price you see already has service added to it (15% for food, 12.5% for drinks) and the Event Price also includes the £5 booking fee. We don’t adjust any of the restaurant’s prices to make them nice round numbers because we only charge you what they charge us.

Can I order my food on the night?
Most restaurants require pre-ordering of food for large groups so they have the best chance of giving us good food and good service on the night. We may go to venues where the menu works differently and the booking process will reflect that.

Why do I have to pre-order drinks?
You don’t have to but it works really well. It means you can request your pre-paid drinks easily on the night without the staff having to do an individual transaction each time. You can pre-order from the full wine list and you can request your drinks whenever you feel like it. The pre-ordering just simplifies the payment process which means everyone gets served more quickly – so it really helps us all out if you do pre-order!

What if I pre-order drinks that I don’t consume on the night?
Pre-ordered drinks are fully refundable if you decide on the night not to have them. Just return your pre-paid voucher to us before you leave.

What if I don’t order any or enough drinks?
You will be able to order drinks and pay individually on the night

I have already booked an event – can I add drinks now?
If you have made a booking and didn’t pre-order your drinks (or would like to order more) you can still do this up to 24 hours before the event. Please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a link.

Can I change my food order?
If you need to change an order before the event then please email us at [email protected] We cannot make food changes within 3 days of the event as we need to notify the restaurant in advance.

Can you cater for special dietary requirements?
Yes. If you have a requirement that is not met by the current menu please email us at [email protected] and we should be able to sort something out with the restaurant. If you have any food allergies please let us know in advance so that we can tell the restaurant – even if you have ordered appropriate food.

What if I have to cancel?
You can email us at [email protected] to let us know. You can also call or text us on the night – we will send you a contact telephone number before the event. We REALLY appreciate you letting us know as soon as possible as we set up each event depending on the numbers – ‘no shows’ on the night leave gaps at the tables and we will want to rearrange things for the right number of people.

Please review our refund policy before you make a booking.
• The Event Price is non-refundable
• Menu supplements are refundable if cancelled more than 24hrs in advance (e.g. when a particular menu item is +£1)
• Pre-paid drinks are always fully refundable

Can I pay on the night?
We require payment at the time of booking to secure your place.

I don’t have a Paypal account – how else can I pay?
Paypal does not require you to have an account to make a payment – you can pay with your debit or credit card. We’ve noticed that this option is getting harder to find on PayPal screens – look out for options to pay as a Guest or to Pay with Credit/Debit card – it seems to vary by device.

Is it a profit making thing?
No, we’re not doing this to make money. The booking fee we charge is to cover the running costs (paypal transaction fees, website hosting, Meetup fees, card printing, stationery etc.).

Is there a dress code?

Can you put me in touch with someone I met at an event?
No, we won’t be able to do this so please make sure you exchange contact details on the night.

Could you organise a dinner for a private group?
Sure. If you already have a group of people and want to use our format, restaurants and website booking facility to take all the hassle out if it then give us a shout at [email protected] The £5 per person booking fee will apply.

Is this a Meetup group?
Not really. The group and the website existed first, but then we set up a parallel Meetup group just to let more people know about it. It’s a great way of spreading the word and there are lots of other Meetup groups that our diners are likely to be interested in. We don’t use the Meetup RSVP feature to manage events because it creates chaos as it’s never accurate – all bookings have to be done via this website. [We closed our Meetup group during Covid and expect to restart it once we reopen – in the meantime make sure you subscribe at the end of this page so that you hear from us when we do.]

Are you going to organise other kinds of events e.g. theatre/comedy/walks/clubs?
Nope, it’s just a dinner thing.

Could you send an email to your members to tell them about an event/company/service/issue they may be interested in?
No. You’ll see from our privacy statement below that we have given an undertaking to only email people directly in relation to booking our events. We will list links on our Links page (if we think they’re appropriate) and we may give them a mention if we are sending out an event related email at that time.

Is the venue accessible?
Most (but not all) of our venues are completely accessible with step free access. Although it has been one of our key criteria, we have been disappointed to find that many private dining spaces (or even semi-private) are not as accessible as they should be.  Please contact us if you’d like more information before making a booking – or indeed if you have any suggestions of suitable venues we should investigate.

Privacy statement
We only collect the information we need for you to receive email notifications of future events, to book an event, to contact you on the night if there is a last minute change. Your payment information goes directly to Paypal so we don’t see it or store it. We will not use your information for any other purpose and will not share it with any third party for any reason.

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